Colombia Payroll Services

Qualified Colombian accountants aren’t just for your personal and corporate taxes in Colombia. The team at Colombia Legal & Accounting can also offers Colombia payroll services, which are an important part of any Colombian business.

There are a variety of benefits due every Colombian employee, and you should know that paying these benefits is enforced by the Colombian Work Ministry. The labor laws in Colombia tend to favor the employee, and failing to understand or be aware of these laws is no excuse if you violate them.

There are several payments, taxes, and benefits an employer must consider for his or her employees. These Colombian payroll taxes include monthly payments for health insurance (salud), social security (pensión), worker’s insurance (ARL), parafiscal contributions (parafiscales), the government education program (SENA), family health services (ICBF), employee benefit fund (CCF), and the catastrophic health events fund.

There are also legally-required bonuses that must be paid to your employees. A half month’s salary must be paid by the end of June and another one by the end of December. An employee’s first year on the job also includes 15 vacation days.

Colombia Payroll Services

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Your certified Colombian accountant and attorney will start by creating solid work contracts, which goes a long way to eliminate your risk of lawsuit by a disgruntled former employee down the road. We also take care that your employee’s or independent contractor’s salary is declared to the appropriate government agency. Doing this correctly avoids problems with these regulatory agencies.

Colombia Legal & Accounting also has a human resources department to complement our Colombian payroll services. We can assist in screening potential employees, running background checks, on-the-job disciplinary reports (very important, especially if you later decide to fire the employee), and hiring and firing.


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